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    In my backyard currently. White one's name is fluffy and is a Polish chicken. RingVideo_20200707_082949.mp4
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    Mr. Klopp (53), Vauxhall, expresses indescribable horror upon sighting a case of LUIZ-19 infecting his players
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    They were lost like 10 years ago in one of the many forum "upgrades" or server moves or fuckups or purges. Now we pretend we like it this way.
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    punk's not dead
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    You thought this was leading up to some Solomon shit? WRONG BITCH. IT WAS AN UMBRELLA ORIGIN MYTH. IT WAS AN UMBRELLA ORIGIN MYTH ALL ALONG.
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    Japanese folklore is full of wondrous creatures, such as horse dealers that sell cows lmao brütal
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    Friends, it was a long and hard road, but we have finally done it We had to push hard and work until the very last day of the season, but by Jove, the record has been BROKEN
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    One scene of the Spurs documentary has leaked and if it is at all representative, it could be the greatest film ever put on screen.
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    Add Ian Holm, James Lipton, Carl Reiner, Sam Lloyd, Little Richard, Fred Willard, Jerry Stiller, Kenny Rogers...now Texas is turning blue? Maybe these are sacrifices to the Gods.
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    I must say, sirs, that the quality of the broadsheets I have been receiving has greatly improved ever since I crossed the street boy's palm with silver
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