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  1. “We can see it as negative we didn't win, but we didn't lose which is positive” - Emery yesterday “We can see it as negative we didn't win, but we didn't draw which is positive” - Emery today, probably
  2. weelp it's been a nice run but lief is going to beat me this season simply by having tomori and maddison and copying my captain every week
  3. I do think the characters were pretty cool in the book, probably lack some depth but with the cast they have there's the potential for good writing to fill that in. It hasn't so far though... Sadly it's not enough for a show that it's visually satisfying, and I guess the plot doesn't matter since I just re-read the books.
  4. If you keep picking the same captain you will beat me because your team has been better since the start, I've just been luckier with my captain picks.
  5. clearly you should have captained lundstram
  6. @Shuskee@Veggie this is coming back as a BBC One miniseries and you better all be here for it
  7. spurs committing a milliones foul to jack up my TAA bps
  8. why does he do these things though
  9. I am sorry shusky but you may have to bear the burden of hoping for some time in this game
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