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  1. I'm not sure that I understand your question, Dave.
  2. Wow these hipsters sure love their nonlinear narratives
  3. okay the book was good but I recognize that amazon does everything in pursuit of greater profit and so there was no motive to be faithful to the substance or texture of the book
  4. Anyway I finally got the book, lol in the book the film is a book.
  5. Incredible Think about what this guy could do with the budget and full control for a season of television
  6. Ahaha trying to put a library ebook on my old ebook reader with Adobe Digital Editions, the software Adobe must have tasked all of their worst programmers they couldn't fire for whatever reason to, ahaha 1 hour later
  7. also napoli logo looks a lot like netscape logo
  8. are you DONE? because I've still got a couple epis to go
  9. as a straight alternate history show, the setting for man in the high castle is great, but then the plot and the characters are so stupid that I lose suspension of disbelief (which is why I will read the book because even if the plot is silly you can do that in a book while in a tv show you need to signify silly which this show does not) anyways, the plot against america miniseries came along and is much better for this, even though some characters are so stupid you want to beat them over the head, but they are stupid in thoroughly recognizable and therefore believable ways
  10. anyways the last episode of this show that I watched was the one where aaron paul takes a pill that makes the creators of the show think that they are true experimental innovators and proceed to bash the viewer over the head with an incoherent pastiche of styles because they didn't break enough walls with the thematic pastiche of previous seasons, and though I shut off the TV before the storyline of this episode could reach whatever unsatisfactory resolution it was bound for, I worry that I have already been injured by some piece of this crumbling edifice that came down in this process I mean, if westworld is supposed to depict some corruption of technology and leisure, that corruption has successfully swallowed the whole of the series and it is just an entertainment black hole
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