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  1. what are you trying to set some kind of record
  2. I will be truly grateful to Klopp when my first sub, Leander Dendoncker, repeats his performance from last week.
  3. mods are overrated we have citizen admins
  4. how is lief's underperforming team worth 105.5m I think this calls for a financial fair play audit
  5. This is what happened when I bought Sterling too - he was immediately benched.
  6. lys mousset will save me come off the bench in the 89th minute stealing my dendoncker points 👎
  7. oh no lief is getting too mane points
  8. @Lief are you watching this???
  9. oh nice my pereira assist was a last minute goal onside by a hair called by VAR
  10. did you count my PEREIRA BPS and my AYEW SUB
  11. now pereira of the non-luciano variety is my only hope
  12. I sold cantwell and bought ayew instead of mousset and kept obama through a bunch of blanks only to sell him now and still have mount for some dumb reason
  13. ??? magic mou can even make sightless sissoko score
  14. Incredible, we're delighted to be in this contest. The atmosphere in the dressing room is charged and the players are ready to deliver.
  15. hong you can now watch this at your LOCAL KINOMATIKA https://thecinematheque.ca/films/2019/playtime
  16. that was fun but I guess it's back to being FPL-challenged like the rest of these folks
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