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  1. I feel EXTREMELY safe, please hand me a customer satisfaction survey so that I can fully express it
  2. they've just decided to give everyone else a chance before concluding the season with a 20-game winning streak
  3. episode 1 was kinda crap like I think the book is very difficult to adapt because it itself is kind of limp in the plot and character department and 90% of its enjoyment comes from its worldbuilding, but the show is going above and beyond to make itself unengaging
  4. personally I'm really enjoying this contest between arsenal and spurs to outdepress each other and by "really enjoying" I mean a complex emotion that's half hilarity and half detached depression that's usually derived from theatre of the absurd and the likes
  5. Oho! My brilliant 4 bruynecaptain points allowed me to triumph over you again! Where by 'triumph' I mean 'the loss didn't grow too much', I'm currently managing expectations you see
  6. do you have any idea how much my heart desires to see mou give press conferences in german
  7. wait this season does not have an episode 11. does it mean no sadhorsedness
  8. I am so reinvigorated after my holiday prevented me from watching both spurs and my fantasy team for two weeks
  9. If Dugong had made no changes since GW1, their score would be 418. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  10. if anyone needs me I'll be day drinking
  11. I'm lmaoing so hard at you people and your petit bourgeois "points" as I continue my avant-garde project into the four million ranks
  12. LOOK AT LEAST *attempts to find a positive thing to say about spurs but is repelled by the raging dumpster fire* NO U
  13. I can't believe luciano would choose money over a hyundai
  14. I resign from my post and give over my team to elpea @Lucianox tell me what transfer to make this week
  15. fire this entire season into the fucking sun jfc
  16. me taking -4 to get rid of him was all that harry needed to start scoring
  17. OH SHIT COMRADE YEVGENY HAS WILDCARDED he's made like three transfers and the whole exercise seemed to be designed around bringing in cantwell
  18. in the last two seconds before deadline, i put an actual southampton defender in my starting 11, and i did this because i am tremendously stupid
  19. I had the strangest feeling the moment the manatee flipped for the rub it was like my life was finally complete it was like I could finally be happy
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