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  1. When he arrived in Tanba, he learned that Denshobo was a cat and not a priest
  2. check out the plot twist on this thing
  3. so I got my hands on an anthology of japanese folk tales and they are, as the title suggests, highly excellent. I shall use this thread to enshrine the very best of them, for your education and benefit 🍜
  4. well congrats bayern on your 88th title in a row, I liked football more when it was cancelled
  5. 27 celsius is pretty warm remember to wear sunscreen david!!
  6. how many identical black shirts does he own anyway
  7. O KURWA also I think that the cosmic parsley worm abruptly emerging from the hole in the sky must be one of the lynchest things that ever happened
  8. I am done, and therefore OUT OF POPE CONTENT
  9. so the new pope mixes some amazing stuff with some more eh stuff, but the thing that really bothered me about it was the totally unnecessary and unrealistic element of
  10. I have no idea what are you referring to because several years on almost all the dexter side-plots kind of melted down in my brain into a uniform slush of badness
  11. my policy of never watching more than one season of any show that does not involve popes appears to be hugely beneficial for my psychological well-being
  12. I've been meaning to rewatch 1, 2 and 4 for like a year now I think that it's really interesting just how quickly it turns from great tv to complete shit. I remember that we simulwatched s5e1 with joost the day it came out and literally 5 minutes in we were like "wait why is this show really stupid now" 6 and 7 both had like two good episodes apiece and yeah looking back 6 at least was trying to be fun. But all of 5-8 are really fascinating because you watch them and you can't believe that actual adult humans came up with them and then produced them, I strongly advise you to pick one of them and just meditate on the state of this (6 or 8 probably, everyone remembers the lumberjack finale from 8 but honestly it's not even in the top 10 of the most ridiculous things in that season. It barely even makes it to the top 3 most ridiculous things in the final 10 minutes tbh)
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