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  1. well I haven't gone ahead with my Ingsing, but at least I've avoided disaster, much in the same way Ings's tattoos avoid his nipples
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  3. Shuskee


    The bustard's an exquisite fowl, with minimal reason to growl. He escapes what would be Illegitimacy By grace of a fortunate vowel.
  4. so um apparently there was a game yesterday which means that I'm now spearheaded by Captain Ings and don't have a say in this COME ON INGSY, SCORE A WHOLE BUNCH OF GOALS FOR ME AND WHICHEVER MIDTABLE TEAM YOU'RE PLAYING FOR
  5. TWO POPES is merely OKAY, which is a DISAPPOINTMENT considering its EXORBITANT* amount of POPES *THREE, as the corpse of jp2 has an uncredited cameo role
  6. that's just rash by you. could you not af-ford him?
  7. shusky: hahaha yiss what an opportu ity to catch up! narrator: but all these players were also shusky's
  8. you've missed willem defoe's face contorting into interesting dimensions as he issues ancient marine curses
  9. I saw the lighthouse today, absolutely a+ christmas flick
  10. well the new manager bump was fun but let's get back to the meme mines
  11. "I dreamed about Vardy scoring many goals" will be the title of my autobiography that they'll ghostwrite for me when I win a hyundai
  12. arsenal your thing for luxuriant spanish hair held down with truckloads of product is becoming uncontrollable
  13. just just fuckin give me the hyundai bench already
  14. I've benched 65 points over the past 4 gameweeks
  15. I can't believe Klopp bailed out both Veggie and Soggy from their hilarious decision to at any point of their lives not captain Vardy by not playing Mane
  16. someone should know who the mods are, and that someone is... OUR LEADER um
  17. mods please add this seppface to the dugong reactions
  18. real pros benched abraham and dendocker and their will to live
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