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  1. Only watching season 5 now and You are wrong because of the eulogy
  2. Iirc there's going to be an episode 11 in january
  3. ...that map is so depressing in so many ways
  4. I'm going to have to rewatch the entire last season just to know what the hell was going on
  5. I totally want to try Longform the moment I start listening to podcasts again
  6. Flint of Dark Flame


    Holy shit I hadn't noticed the green screened kilt
  7. oh god why did fph forums youtube decide to die on me now
  8. Hardcore History is amazing but gosh are the episodes LONG. +1 for 99% Invisible and Radiolab. I also love Ologies, which is a billion casual interviews with scientists of some obscure field ending in -ology. Very nice mix of enlightening and light-hearted.
  9. Shit I wanna read Evicted and the Sixth Extinction now
  10. Who even knows, they keep editing the courses mid-etappe
  11. @lief etc this was a promotion match and the eagles gloriously eagled it
  12. Flint of Dark Flame


    IDK this is a children's show but an episode legit ended with his funeral and the next episode doesn't have him 🤷‍♂️
  13. Flint of Dark Flame


    move aside, game of thrones
  14. Flint of Dark Flame


    ... they legit killed scrooge mcduck
  15. Flint of Dark Flame


  16. PERPETUAL PERUVIAN STATS: - Overall rank 338758 - FPH Rank 2, y'all relegated - Most points on bench: 29 on gameweek 35 - Best ever rank: 62340 on gameweek 19 notbad.jpg
  17. Don't worry they're just setting up an even more glorious loss
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