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  1. I already am but I can't tell anyone
  2. maybe we should close #valheim and open a new totally secret channel with the members of #valheim but nobody else
  3. guys there's an olympic sport where they swim for 10km! That's two hours of non-stop swimming... oh and outside of the olympics they do a 25km version...
  4. I apologize Joost, I forgot to inform you that Jack White and Jack Black got together and recorded as "Jack Gray".
  5. do you guys remember the part where all the england fans were all like "it's coming home!" but then like.. it didn't? so good
  6. YOU LOST ME MONEY https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/348157/Fig_plans_payouts_for_Psychonauts_2_investors_after_Double_Fine_joins_Microsoft.php
  7. something felt... unrealistic about that picture. I've fixed it.
  8. what the hell is that thing on the floor between the toilet and the tub??
  9. _definitely not jealous_
  10. BUMP this thread makes sense again
  11. I don't really like Sharon Van Etten's new album but her "Seventeen" single is absurdly good.. it makes me miss chicago like crazy
  12. slow pulp's album "moveys" is probably one of my favorites ever:
  13. japanese breakfast is actually korean and might not be your thing but I love her so here:
  14. snail mail hasn't technically released anything this year but shut up
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