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  1. no my team's finances are beyond reproach, everyone agrees
  2. wait why are none of my liverpool guys playing?? KLOPPP
  3. At least we can all take some solace in the fact that Chelsea is officially Bad again.
  4. I was going to just binge watch the whole thing once the season ended! I promise!
  6. No but I also didn’t count your -4 and also I’m bad at math.
  7. okay I think we’re literally tied again now
  8. uh oh I think soggyfrog is winning again
  9. can't wait for the FPH simulwatch of the Amazon spurs documentary
  10. omg it happened again, this time 4-2, what is happening
  11. chelsea please don't lose I want City to stay in fourth
  12. the trick was to buy Vardy and captain him every week until the end of the season
  13. someone please put emery out of his (/my) misery
  14. Mourinho has turned Spurs into some sort of free attacking side that can’t defend and wins games 3-2 what is going on
  15. Arsenal losing to a Spurs team managed by Mourinho may just finish off the fanbase's already fragile psyche once and for all
  16. it's happening literally the funniest season
  17. you know arsenal may have a managerial opening soon...
  18. Also I don't know if my eye sight is bad because I'm literally Pascal's age now, but it's very hard to tell the units apart? Do I have to zoom in more? Or am I just bad at video games now??
  19. Wow they totally re-did all the campaigns and added in the new civs. Finally get to fight actual Italians when you invade Italy in the Barbarossa campaign. Neat!
  20. downloading now, can't wait to beware of the kara khitai*, but in HD *primarily due to their lack of honor
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