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  1. Yesterday
  2. I took risks and I won big like a gamestonk, sir Now if only Mr Saka would get his arse off the god damned hongbench
  3. look, sure gundogan is the top offensive threat in a peak form city going against the weakest defense in the league by miles, but dropping salah who hasn't scored in the last 5 games just seemed too risky
  4. Proud to announce that The Arsenal is now the eighth (8th) best team in England.
  5. My City triplet is growing more powerful every week
  6. Last week
  7. oh but of course I am forgetting ancelotti no one else recently though, no one at all
  8. what PRESTIGE to have in the premier league a manager who has lifted L'HEXAGOAL
  9. nobody can tell it's definitely the FRANKFALL though
  10. is this the akloppalypse or is it just an akloppolapse
  11. FPH DISCUSSION TOPIC: ole objectively better than klopp in every way??
  12. oh no, I was away from civilisation for a week and missed some prime lols such as klopp vs dyche and bernie in mittens
  13. putting the (C) on mo 🤡 🤡 kdb 🤝 bruno 🤡
  14. Earlier
  15. oh no not having De Bruyne is going to De Stroy me
  16. well so far I've gotten FIVE points from my boost but maybe this johnstone fellow will recover and subtract some of those points
  17. I didn’t boost because I figured one of the games would be randomly covid-canceled.
  18. ?? I'm the only one who boosted?? hilariously, my second keeper, already worse than all the other options I could have taken, is also out with COVID
  19. well hong got beat by a dead team that had 8 players for blank week, while I beat a dedicated algerian who had a plan every week and played their chips on the deadline, making me the last surviving FPHer in THE CUP
  20. okay so far my “don’t free hit and buy a bunch of City players instead” gambit is going pretty well at this point I just have to hope that Arsenal decide to be bad again tomorrow
  21. Since our Potato Scribe has neglected his duties, I see fit to fill the void with ANTHROPOLOGICAL TALES COLLECTED BY DAVID GRAEBER
  22. I should have known that if a team with zero wins and two points was ever going to win It was going to be the god damn Geordies
  23. Also if I had freehit it would just be my current team plus some wastrel Arsenal players. (please do not ironically quote this post if Arsenal win their game)
  24. I knew the deadline was today but chose not to freehit because I am dumb.
  25. haha, you're really missing out on these two wilson points I'm going to bag
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