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  3. My friends convinced me to go also wow ninjaing hasn't happened since like 2008
  4. oh wow I got actually ninja'd but also you were at a what
  5. We already knew. I was at a sex con that weekend and we were all like "we shouldn't have come here, there's gonna be an outbreak and it's gonna be all over the news, but at least it will be hilarious as they try to figure out what the con is"
  6. How did you say this like, two weeks before it dawned on the west that corona was srs bsns Witch
  7. feast https://juststream.live/CarbonatedTopographicReel
  8. Bodø/Glimt or Sheriff: which is the greatest club in the history of football
  9. Earlier
  10. julia ducournau made another movie so I finally went to the theater
  11. I actually watched this on the terrible satellite internet in Bermuda. We didn't really know what was going on, but we thought "is it really a good idea to bring in guys who have been sitting on the bench for 2 hours to kick one shot?" and no, it was not
  12. can't have all those uppity non-petro clubs taking up valuable european spots
  13. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/58826899 uuuuugh ugh ugh ugh
  14. can you believe we went a whole month without bumping this? where was the joy
  15. The Champions League just keeps on giving In the absence of Arsenal, another team has taken on the crucial role of Comedy Defending You may be wondering, dear reader, which colour is the defense, red or yellow? The answer is (C) Neither
  16. It's a well established fact that most people perform worse than afk, yes Meanwhile
  17. I can't believe I'm still getting points, this is a literal afk team
  18. also it's extremely funny that Ronaldo has made United significantly worse
  19. ITS HAPPENING ITS HAPPENING Who could have done this? Who could have destroyed the magical liefwagon? Who could have FRAUDED our friend lief so terribly?
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