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  1. Last week
  2. You think I'm joking? Here, benches at Hyundai Apartments, Seoul
  3. He's trying to get a Hyundai branded Bench
  4. what are you trying to set some kind of record
  5. I've benched 65 points over the past 4 gameweeks
  6. I will be truly grateful to Klopp when my first sub, Leander Dendoncker, repeats his performance from last week.
  7. I can't believe Klopp bailed out both Veggie and Soggy from their hilarious decision to at any point of their lives not captain Vardy by not playing Mane
  8. someone should know who the mods are, and that someone is... OUR LEADER um
  9. mods are overrated we have citizen admins
  10. mods please add this seppface to the dugong reactions
  11. no my team's finances are beyond reproach, everyone agrees
  12. how is lief's underperforming team worth 105.5m I think this calls for a financial fair play audit
  13. This is what happened when I bought Sterling too - he was immediately benched.
  14. wait why are none of my liverpool guys playing?? KLOPPP
  15. At least we can all take some solace in the fact that Chelsea is officially Bad again.
  16. Arsenal is actually a good fantasy team now, actually Ideal for 4m midfielders on the end of your bench that will pick up 1 point every week
  17. lys mousset will save me come off the bench in the 89th minute stealing my dendoncker points 👎
  18. real pros benched abraham and dendocker and their will to live
  19. Never mind, Captain Abraham is covenanting twenty four smackaroos all the way to the top
  20. oh no lief is getting too mane points
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