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  2. Hopefully not anymore? We have silenced the security update warnings because causing panic is not very safe
  3. Last week
  4. I feel EXTREMELY safe, please hand me a customer satisfaction survey so that I can fully express it
  5. It's for your safety. Latest update has major security flaws, and they're completely unknown - many of the security flaws with this version are well documented, so we're at least dealing with known evils.
  6. Then why is the license key expired thing showing up again
  7. For Immediate Release 11 Nov., 2019 Flying Purple Hippos (FPH) has been a leader in IT Security since its founding in 2003, always seeking out new technologies to aid in our constant battle against the spambots and other ne'er-do-wells. Today, we continue our proud tradition by implementing Transport Layer Security (TLS), a secure, encrypted way to communicate with you, our loyal Templars and friends. As an early adopter of this technology, we hope to use our considerable reach to help in its spread, ultimately making the internet as a whole a safer place.
  8. I want to like it but it may be the most uninspired Wolf Parade I've ever heard.
  9. unfortunately I keep benching hundreds of soyuncu points every week so it's unlikely I will ever catch up
  10. “We can see it as negative we didn't win, but we didn't lose which is positive” - Emery yesterday “We can see it as negative we didn't win, but we didn't draw which is positive” - Emery today, probably
  11. weelp it's been a nice run but lief is going to beat me this season simply by having tomori and maddison and copying my captain every week
  12. Only watching season 5 now and You are wrong because of the eulogy
  13. Iirc there's going to be an episode 11 in january
  14. they've just decided to give everyone else a chance before concluding the season with a 20-game winning streak
  15. starting to think heroe norwich may be in deep trouble
  16. I do think the characters were pretty cool in the book, probably lack some depth but with the cast they have there's the potential for good writing to fill that in. It hasn't so far though... Sadly it's not enough for a show that it's visually satisfying, and I guess the plot doesn't matter since I just re-read the books.
  17. episode 1 was kinda crap like I think the book is very difficult to adapt because it itself is kind of limp in the plot and character department and 90% of its enjoyment comes from its worldbuilding, but the show is going above and beyond to make itself unengaging
  18. If you keep picking the same captain you will beat me because your team has been better since the start, I've just been luckier with my captain picks.
  19. soggy how the f am I supposed to catch up to you if you keep picking the same captain that I do
  20. personally I'm really enjoying this contest between arsenal and spurs to outdepress each other and by "really enjoying" I mean a complex emotion that's half hilarity and half detached depression that's usually derived from theatre of the absurd and the likes
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