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  1. Yeah probably stop after 4. 5 bad. Most people hate 6, I thought it was pretty decent. I think 7 was good? Or at least had potential? Then season 8 was just awful.
  2. Dave


    new dog
  3. but also it's just intriguing enough that you think it's gonna be awesome when you figure it all out, but it keeps letting you down
  4. it started ok, season 2 was too slow for a while, then it got good for a while before what the fuck
  5. ok thats fine then it was solid through like season 5 or 6, its a pity they never finished the series
  6. wait do you mean game of thrones or chernobyl
  7. hold the fuck on, I need to check the forums more often because I've been half-assed maintaining a friendship with dan for 14 months after he said this!?
  8. Dave


    ok thats pretty good
  9. Dave


    Elpea check out this super cool dad animal carrying his kids around under his arms, made me think of you
  10. has the butthole cut been released i'm game for either
  11. Tis much harder to tell units apart in this version. You'll get somewhat used to it but it's still not as good as aok for that.
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