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  1. Tis much harder to tell units apart in this version. You'll get somewhat used to it but it's still not as good as aok for that.
  2. Oh yeah there are campaigns Also there is multiplayer
  3. The bird thing is a bit of a meme, in aoe2 birds sometimes get stuck flying into the corner of the map, if you spot it it's a sure sign you're going to win the game.
  4. It's for your safety. Latest update has major security flaws, and they're completely unknown - many of the security flaws with this version are well documented, so we're at least dealing with known evils.
  5. For Immediate Release 11 Nov., 2019 Flying Purple Hippos (FPH) has been a leader in IT Security since its founding in 2003, always seeking out new technologies to aid in our constant battle against the spambots and other ne'er-do-wells. Today, we continue our proud tradition by implementing Transport Layer Security (TLS), a secure, encrypted way to communicate with you, our loyal Templars and friends. As an early adopter of this technology, we hope to use our considerable reach to help in its spread, ultimately making the internet as a whole a safer place.
  6. i feel like this is like half life 3 it's not that it's bad, it's just not possible to live up to the hype mods please enable antidugongs so i can antidugong myself
  7. Final summary: Dan's poor choice in sailboats prevented him from from sailing at all But video was acquired and falafel was eaten. Partial success.
  8. Dave


    i got you bro
  9. It's awful and I do not recommend.
  10. These are the mods I use and at least 96% of my skill. I picked versions that are all on the steam workshop to be super EZ. Alignment Grid Shows a grid, useful for aligning farms, judging range to place towers, seeing potential holes in walls, etc. or, you can get Alignment Grid and No Snow to get rid of snow if that bothers you. Pussywood Makes trees small so you can see behind them. Short Walls Same as Pussywood, but for walls. Idle pointer Shows idle villagers. I just got this on HD (I've only used it on Voobly) so be afraid, be very afraid. this one is awful
  11. he's also bringing a young child to show off, who if all goes well, will neither eat nor be eaten by manatees.
  12. Update: Dan is coming to town next weekend to reclaim the manatee video, eat falafel, and sail lame boats with his parents instead of awesome boats with me.
  13. If you had joined there would have been an even number of players (6) and we don't know how to make fair teams with that many, sorry Also this was late at night Americatime maybe can we schedule something more eurofriendly
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