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  1. Dave

    political compass time

    I didn't have too much further to go in that direction, but I seem to have done it recently..
  2. Dave

    political compass time

    I can't edit the spreadsheet but I have conveniently formatted my responses in CSV for the convenience of someone maybe Dave,2003,-7.92,-4.91 Dave,2007,-7.88,-4.72 Dave,2011,-7.73,=4.51 Dave,2015,-7.75,-4.36 Dave,2020,-8.75,-6.26
  3. Dave

    political compass time

    thank you past self
  4. Dave

    political compass time

    The one about how being able to make decisions is an advantage of authoritarians pisses me off every time.
  5. Dave


    Dan you are going to have ENTIRELY too many eggs.
  6. They were lost like 10 years ago in one of the many forum "upgrades" or server moves or fuckups or purges. Now we pretend we like it this way.
  7. yes we hang out on slack and sometimes discord (i have no idea why we still have slack), someone send him the thing
  8. i'd attend a live john reacts to this movie
  9. pretty good arguments, sounds like a fun action flick i'd watch it thanks john thanks dan
  10. Yeah probably stop after 4. 5 bad. Most people hate 6, I thought it was pretty decent. I think 7 was good? Or at least had potential? Then season 8 was just awful.
  11. Dave


    new dog
  12. but also it's just intriguing enough that you think it's gonna be awesome when you figure it all out, but it keeps letting you down
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