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  1. My friends convinced me to go also wow ninjaing hasn't happened since like 2008
  2. We already knew. I was at a sex con that weekend and we were all like "we shouldn't have come here, there's gonna be an outbreak and it's gonna be all over the news, but at least it will be hilarious as they try to figure out what the con is"
  3. I actually watched this on the terrible satellite internet in Bermuda. We didn't really know what was going on, but we thought "is it really a good idea to bring in guys who have been sitting on the bench for 2 hours to kick one shot?" and no, it was not
  4. Did you know that Leonard Bernstein believed that if he could make West Side Story good enough, it might end racism? I don't think he was successful, but it's still a pretty good show so I mean just having a goal and putting in the effort is sometimes enough.
  5. Joost thank you very much for your prompt and insightful response, and for all the work you do here for the reasons you mentioned, all of which I support.
  6. Joost this is some fine work you've done. Do you believe that if you do a good enough job someone might use the forums? Or is it entirely an artistic pursuit?
  7. I have a house, it's an okay house but it just makes me want to build a better one. No kids. Maybe some day idk.
  8. I didn't have too much further to go in that direction, but I seem to have done it recently..
  9. I can't edit the spreadsheet but I have conveniently formatted my responses in CSV for the convenience of someone maybe Dave,2003,-7.92,-4.91 Dave,2007,-7.88,-4.72 Dave,2011,-7.73,=4.51 Dave,2015,-7.75,-4.36 Dave,2020,-8.75,-6.26
  10. The one about how being able to make decisions is an advantage of authoritarians pisses me off every time.
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