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Guys shouldn't we run elections
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  1. Do you want to be on the secret party planning committee elpea You can't tell anyone tho
  2. the internet is undecided, like a dick a half-mast one
  3. happy holidays Ściuszky don't go to #valheim just live in blissful ignorance
  4. Since we're nearing the glorious 13th Zerbst-Koscuizko day, will you consider renaming yourself "Ściuszky" if I, in return, go for "Deefbst"
  5. but what if, at this very moment, it's being just as hilariously bad as season 8????
  6. So did anyone actually watch dexter season 9
  7. God dammit, now our miracle CL run got murdered by a lolteam
  8. also, I am gearing up to be disappointed, but am excited for lolbarcas
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