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  1. It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.
  2. So now that this is no longer a thread concerning anyone's obligations, does it go back to being LOTW?
  3. HIGHLIGHTS: 10:30 - 15 year old Dan with braces. 4:35 - Dan rubbing manatee belly
  4. Submitted as proof that I have in fact been checking every hour.
  5. Shuskee thanks for the reminder I have been checking my email hourly.
  6. Keep in mind that once it's converted I will have a video link that I can simply choose not to share, in the same way that John chooses to not post a review of Edge of Tomorrow.
  7. I've done more to get it converted in the past week than Dave did in 6 goddamn years and NOW you want to antidugong?
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