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  1. Added an extension to the run so they have more room now. 11298864_6849665984610662651_stamp.mp4
  2. Sharing the eggs with my in-laws. They financed the coop and chickens (that's a $900 chicken coop), we just maintain them and collect eggs in like 3 months when they start laying.
  3. Says the one who specifically asked me to not eat them.
  4. In my backyard currently. White one's name is fluffy and is a Polish chicken. RingVideo_20200707_082949.mp4
  5. Guys I found it, he did it on reddit under an alt account and didn't tell anyone.
  6. Or if you prefer legal methods, https://www.justwatch.com/us/movie/cats
  7. It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.
  8. So now that this is no longer a thread concerning anyone's obligations, does it go back to being LOTW?
  9. HIGHLIGHTS: 10:30 - 15 year old Dan with braces. 4:35 - Dan rubbing manatee belly
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