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  1. I honestly thought he would score a brace but I guess that was close enough.😛
  2. I believe these actions mean you, sir, are helpless. That said, you should've picked and captained Jiménez. He will be instrumental in handing Liverpool their first defeat of the season.
  3. Someone remind me to make a team next season. 🙄
  4. I was avoiding this show based on how awful the teaser was, but I’ll give it a shot tonight.
  5. The last phrase gives us all the information we need. Also, is Ensemble Studios part of Microsoft now?
  6. Right then, when are we AOK'ing it up?!
  7. The girlfriend's in town until May 31st but I'll be available almost every night after that.
  8. Oh boy. So many fond memories. Getting this asap.
  9. FPH Martin

    Guess who?

    PASCAL! hi.
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