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  1. Bodø/Glimt or Sheriff: which is the greatest club in the history of football
  2. The Champions League just keeps on giving In the absence of Arsenal, another team has taken on the crucial role of Comedy Defending You may be wondering, dear reader, which colour is the defense, red or yellow? The answer is (C) Neither
  3. It's a well established fact that most people perform worse than afk, yes Meanwhile
  4. ITS HAPPENING ITS HAPPENING Who could have done this? Who could have destroyed the magical liefwagon? Who could have FRAUDED our friend lief so terribly?
  5. glad you asked can you imagine going from this to this to THIS because this was probably the least embarrassing goal to concede that day
  6. Time to sell all my players to raise funds for the Croc
  7. OK so I get 90 fucking points in the opening weekend and I am third And third is mid-table only because Deef has entered a pity team featuring a benched 9-point keeper
  8. Wise Paul Kagame speaks on the new season: Who is Paul Kagame, you ask?
  9. Please note that Man City's entire team appears to be injured now, except for obviously their new Boys That Never Came Home
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