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  1. Watched a random episode with my parents when I was recently visiting home, seemed like the usual Yankee anti-redneck propaganda ala Deliverance but who knows. For the context of this post, see: http://slatestarcodex.com/2016/04/27/book-review-albions-seed/ or better yet read the actual book, one of the best things I've ever read.
  2. the gayest greatest poster since Theias stopped posting
  3. Fasting is great, but go beyond 48 hrs at your own peril. Sure, the first muscle your body cannibalizes is like gut-lining n shit, but not long after that all your gainz are being served.
  4. Oh, HERE'S the TP thread. I knew the frog wouldn't let me down. I still can't believe that 18hrs (minus x minutes of Lynch promoting random musical acts) of this was made, and really can't believe it turned out as well as it did. Lynch is one of the few celebrities I would very much like to meet, and if you feel this way and also enjoy hate-reading I can recommend skimming through David Foster Wallace's very extended essay ostensibly on the production of Lost Highway. It's hilarious and depressing to read a fairly self-aware person wrestling with the work of a better man, featuring that all too human (or at least WASP) negotiation between performing 'unbiasedness' and the hierarchical social jockeying that causes each of us to try to put ourselves above our rivals.
  5. oh nice pirate dan is back, and with a fun new username and avatar"If you don't like Young Thug don't respond to me."
  6. Well, at least I got some second order entertainment out of the butthurt generated on reddit from the last couple episodes. I vaguely remember enjoying earlier seasons but probably not enough to subject myself to any more of the perma-adolescent nihilism and self-love underlying a lot of this one. It's pretty telling that Jerry has become the only tolerable human being and yet is a constant butt of jokes -- perhaps an intended subversion, but it doesn't make for enjoyable viewing. And yeah, the episode DF invokes was by far the best of the season and I don't know why on earth you wouldn't develop that immediately when your show already seems to have some production issues and a fourth season isn't guaranteed.
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