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  1. oh yeah I just realized this actually means that both sheffield and wolves will play in the cl nigel was right, everything is a lot better after brexit
  2. Our boy Wes goes ever exactly as far as he needs to. Which in this case may be too far
  3. what kind of a long-ass gameday is this, I thought this weekend was off
  4. spurs vs city 2019/20 premier league summary: SHOTS: city - 48; spurs - 6 GOALS: city - 2; spurs - 4
  5. okay that's it we're waiting for cats to hit the internets and we're having an FPH SIMULWATCH
  6. be brave eugene be brave
  7. in retrospect, captaining the 2-point de bruyne over the 0-point vardy was a clear sign of my tactical genius
  8. I've captained a fraud and everyone on my team is also a fraud
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