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  1. always hate to see it when a player takes off their shirt and it turns out they've wasted their 50,000 per week salary on a bunch of horrible tattoos
  2. The Gilliam film is supposed to be terrible though. I saw Little Women today and it was actually pretty good!
  3. IMO this year's end of year movies are really good: PARASITE, IRISHMAN, KNIVES OUT, UNCUT GEMS... plus TWO POPES, 1917, and MARRIAGE STORY which I haven't seen yet.
  4. Four (4) of my players are not starting so far.
  5. tfw the only good non-Big Sam manager in England has a job again
  6. I don't know what we expected, putting a bunch of Spurs players in our teams and captaining some of them. We deserve this.
  7. I am sorry Captain Vardy for not believing in you this week
  8. why does he look like an uncanny valley CGI character
  9. brb replacing my entire team with whoever plays Arsenal next week
  10. no my team's finances are beyond reproach, everyone agrees
  11. wait why are none of my liverpool guys playing?? KLOPPP
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