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  1. I feel like I remember reading that Lynch was a Trump supporter, so good to know he's actually woke as hell ✊
  2. please no I need the hyundai now that the NYC subways is full of virus
  3. Wow he really does just drive his boat into a hurricane and then become a lumberjack and then the show ends without any resolution of anything............. jesus christ
  4. I have finished season 7 and am about to start season 8. The quality has definitely dropped, but so far not as much as Game of Thrones did between its similarly very good 4th season and similarly hilariously bad finale. I actually thought the Dexter/Deb storyline in season 7 was pretty good, though every scene not involving those two continued to be extremely boring. Very excited to see how bad the final twelve episodes are though!
  5. dexter: *forces us to watch two excruciating seasons of Batista and LaGuerta being in a relationship for some reason* also dexter: *randomly divorces them off screen in between season 5 and 6* ????????
  6. I liked Man in the High Castle when it was a straight alternate history show, but then it became some sort of weird time travel scifi show and that was dumb.
  7. So Deb just ends up having sex with every single character on this show?
  8. I do think though this would be a much better show if they did ten episodes per season and cut out 2 hours worth of C and D plots. Like I don't need to know as much as I do about Batista's love life each season?
  9. don't want to be hyperbolic BUT the season 4 thanksgiving episode may be one of the best episodes of TV ever? Not only do we get an incredible horror at Arthur's house, there's a fun little farce at Dexter's house (minus Dexter) to break the tension. Tremendous! And then the insane twist at the end!!
  10. wow always a pleasure to see the great Jimmy Smits, I hope he doesn't get murdered
  11. sports are back tomorrow thank god 🙏
  12. everyone is always drenched in sweat on this show... sweatiest thing on tv... disgusting
  13. IIRC I watched the first and second seasons and then stopped. Supposedly 4 is very good (the John Lithgow season). Should I just watch 1-4 and then stop?
  14. Damn, in the middle of a pandemic and his hair is still so good. HOW DOES HE DO IT
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