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  1. Someone give me, an old man who doesn't know how technology works, instructions on how to watch Cats and I will gladly attend.
  2. Finally watched Blue Velvet. Didn’t really care for it though I do think Lynch's ability to successfully translate dream logic to the screen is very impressive and mostly unparalleled.
  3. My understanding of football is that most players were alcoholic construction worker chain smokers who refused to eat vegetables before about 1997 so this checks out.
  4. hahah this is so totally deranged I love it
  5. It has been an honor and a pleasure playing Fantasy Football with you all again this season. With the world ending, and more importantly, football being canceled, I will now be accepting my 2019-2020 Gazprom L'Hippopotamaise League trophy, thank you.
  6. omg if the season is canceled before Liverpool actually mathematically clinches it hahahahaha
  7. welp, probably a good idea to spend all my chips next week because they're going to inevitably cancel the rest of the season at this point
  8. Bob Odenkirk showing up out of nowhere an hour into the film and saying the title of the movie was maybe the best thing I saw in a theater this year.
  9. starting to think this sport is bad and mean
  10. Five very winnable games in the next month to really make it look they have a shot at fifth place, before inevitably being destroyed by spurs, city, and liverpool in April
  11. mfw Arsenal's season is slightly less dead than I thought it was 24 hours ago because 5th place gets champions league now
  12. the lol's keep coming! https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/manchester-city-banned-champions-league-premier-points-uefa-fair-play-a9336946.html?utm_source=reddit.com
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