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  1. First impressions of the release version: pretty good IMO but the campaigns have like a generic English lady BBC documentary narrator instead of the hilarious racist caricatures from the AOK campaigns
  2. also it's extremely funny that Ronaldo has made United significantly worse
  3. I, for one, consider it an honor and a privilege to be relegated along with beloved heroe teams Norwich and Wolves.
  4. well at least I didn’t wake up to watch that……,
  5. I’m going to be able to captain Ronaldo every week now, not just four weeks every other summer. What a beautiful day
  6. I wish Arteta weren't extremely bad at his job because a fully fit ESR, Odegaard, Saka, Auba front four could be really good
  7. uh seeing a lot of players in this Arsenal starting XI that I thought the club had sold this summer???
  8. I also bought an Arsenal player…. surely they won’t concede against a newly promoted team in the first game of the season
  9. no room for either unfortunately, with my SALAH, BRUNO, JOTA, GREENWOOD midfield
  10. I will make a team tonight after I spend a few hours looking at xG graphs
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