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  1. Starting to look like Arsenal will definitely win the league this year!
  2. Gonna be extremely hard to resist putting Bale in my team for the memes
  3. Luckily we all had hundreds of Southampton players on our teams... for some reason.
  4. oh cool Arsenal are going to win the league
  5. oh okay nevermind Willian is apparently our best player now
  6. Wait... Arsenal bought Willian??? Uh???
  7. omg no they demoted Auba to a midfielder
  8. Uh how do I make a team if City and United aren’t playing the first week? Will I be forced to select an Arsenal player?? Hopefully they patch this ASAP???
  9. I will make a team today! Sorry friends, I know how much we all delight in watching me own you repeatedly in Fantasy Football.
  10. uh did they just cut all the poch scenes out of the documentary? I know this was in the "before times" but wasn't he coach for like half the season too??
  11. One scene of the Spurs documentary has leaked and if it is at all representative, it could be the greatest film ever put on screen.
  12. this game owns, finally some good football
  13. can we please go back to canceling football again
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