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  1. Five very winnable games in the next month to really make it look they have a shot at fifth place, before inevitably being destroyed by spurs, city, and liverpool in April
  2. mfw Arsenal's season is slightly less dead than I thought it was 24 hours ago because 5th place gets champions league now
  3. the lol's keep coming! https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/manchester-city-banned-champions-league-premier-points-uefa-fair-play-a9336946.html?utm_source=reddit.com
  4. hahahahahahahahaahaha https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/feb/14/manchester-city-banned-from-champions-league-two-seasons-ffp-uefa
  5. Our boy Wes may have gone too far this time.
  6. why did I sell Richarlison for Son before I went to bed last night
  7. Spurs playing like shit and still humiliating Manchester City nonetheless is one of my favorite things in football.
  8. MOVIE REVIEW: the new Jarmusch zombie comedy: good as hell but I get why it got bad reviews
  9. NO if I hadn't captained Mo I would have captained Trent so I would still be winning basic math
  10. guys guys look at all the points my triple captain did this week
  11. always hate to see it when a player takes off their shirt and it turns out they've wasted their 50,000 per week salary on a bunch of horrible tattoos
  12. The Gilliam film is supposed to be terrible though. I saw Little Women today and it was actually pretty good!
  13. IMO this year's end of year movies are really good: PARASITE, IRISHMAN, KNIVES OUT, UNCUT GEMS... plus TWO POPES, 1917, and MARRIAGE STORY which I haven't seen yet.
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